Earache Remedies that Work

Earache is a very common ailment that affects a majority of the population and there are quite a number of earache remedies you can use to ease the pain and discomfort it brings. The pain usually becomes acute at night because during the day your head is upright and therefore your ear is well ventilated. At night the ear gets blocked, thus increasing the pain. Most earaches go away in one to two days but if not, an ear infection treatment from among the many may be undertaken from home as a first aid measure.

Common Causes and Symptoms

There are several kinds of earache with many different causes. The most common and mildest kind of earache is caused by a change in altitude, as in an airplane. One of the easiest earache remedies to this symptom is chewing or swallowing. In children, an earache is usually caused by an infection, most often following a cold. Another common cause of earache is the “swimmer’s ear” or moisture trapped in the outer ear canal (otitis externa).

Aside from these, an earache can also be caused by allergies, a cold, bacterial infection, an injury or an anatomical problem. In adults, sometimes the infection comes from another part of the head that spreads to the ear. When the pain attacks earache remedies should be applied to ease the discomfort experienced. The most common symptoms of earache are buzzing, hearing loss, or blocked sensation in the ear.

Earache Treatments

The simplest earache remedy is to use a warm compress on the affected ear, taking care not to burn the skin in the process. Another very easy earache remedy is to increase the number of pillows under your head during night time. This allows air to flow into the ear canal and ease the pressure that builds there.

When the simple earache remedies you use like the warm compress do not work, an acetaminophen or ibruprofen tablet can be taken. It should be noted though that persons with liver ailments should not take acetaminophen and persons with kidney diseases are not allowed to use ibruprofen. If after two days the aching persists, a medical practitioner has to be visited and consulted. Depending on the type of infection experienced, several kinds of treatments are given to the patient suffering such predicament. Eardrops, an oral antibiotic or actual drainage of the ear are the most common earache remedies that they will use.

More often than not, treating the symptoms may cure the earache but if your child under the age of 3 is prone to ear infections and there is a family history, a vaccine usually works. Should the situation be an earache that is caused by an infection of the middle ear (otitis media), treating the throat usually solves the problem. So start with trying to clear the ears by popping it through chewing gum or swallowing, drink plenty of fluids, take a lot of rest, drink a decongestant and use a warm compress on the affected ear. These usually alleviate the discomfort, address the swelling and lessen the pain. These earache remedies when used are invaluable and work wonders.