Natural Oils Used for Earache Remedies

Many natural elements are available for earache remedies.  A few might already be available in your house right now to ease the pain in the ears.  Many incidents such as scraping the ear canal skin can cause ear infection that lead to earaches.  Even after swimming can cause swimmer’s ears when some water get in the ears or when some inflammation occurs in the sinuses and the throat.  Before going to the doctor for check-up might as well try the natural oils for the earache treatment.

There are natural and herbal ways to help in the healing the ear infection.  For most such earache remedies has been handed down from the older generation.  Before, antibiotics are not readily bought and can be expensive.  People used to rely on the natural products that nature is abundant of to relief pain not just in the ear but also in most body parts.  To those who are exposed to such remedies for the body, overall health is usually achieved.

Many of the herbal plants and spices can be used for the natural healing of earaches.  For most, these are not just for food but for other uses as well.  Ginger, garlic and onion are popular for earache remedies.  Juices extracted from these spices are simply dropped into the ears and that’s it.  Some people recommend twice a day of use while others say that once is already enough to help ease the aching ear.  But for most it depends on the intensity of the earache, for a long time experience of earache then more than once is the use.  This gives assurance that the infection is treated through and not just temporary.  Besides there’s no side effect to this as it is natural unless the patient is allergic to these spices.

There are also herbal plants that promote healthy ears.  A number of plants can perform earache remedies.  Leaves of mallow, lady’s mantle, coltsfoot, Swedish bitters and peppermint can be used for earaches.  The leaves are just chopped or grinded and placed in boiling water for a minimum of 15 minutes to steep through.  After which the infused water is strained and the concoction is poured using a dropper to the infected ear.  It could be as simple as that.  Other leaves like basil can be grinded as paste and can be directly placed into the ear.  Even dried chamomile flower can be used as poultice to the earache.

Oils are also utilized for earache remedies.  There are many oils that can be treatment for ear infection.  The most common is olive oil as this oil is the preferred oil in cooking so it is within reach when ear aches arise.   Other oils are also recommended for ear pain relief namely bishop’s weed oil, almond oil, orange mullein, thyme oil, mineral oil, mustard oil, tea tree oil, peppermint oil and garlic oil.  The oil is warmed, soaked in a cotton ball and uses 3 to 5 drops in each ear to relieve ache and pain.

With these various natural means to ease ear ache, you are sure one will work for you.  You cannot give any reason to not try it as many have attested their satisfaction with homemade earache remedies.